Please make us aware of any known food allergies or other health needs you may have while volunteering with us. We use a lot of known allergens such a peanut butter and flour and want to take all precautions necessary to ensure a safe work environment while you are volunteering with us.

    Peanut ButterFlourDairyEggsWheatSeafoodCitrus

    Times available to volunteer (more than one option can be selected):
    Set Up the Day BeforeSet Up 2-4 Hours Before EventDuring Event HoursBreak Down 1-2 Hours After Event EndsErrands the Week of the Event

    Role desired(more than one can be selected; not guaranteed):
    Bar BackSet upServingFood prepClean up and trashWelcome tableSecurityFood runnerRunning errands

    Event volunteers may need to verify age depending on the role desired, such as helping with the bar and serving tables.
    Under 1616-1718-2021+

    Event terms:

    • Smoking is not permitted on the Upcountry Provisions during event hours or in the presence of customers.
    • Drinking alcohol while volunteering and consuming drugs on the restaurant or event grounds is not permitted.
    • Chewing gum and Cell phone usage cannot occur during food service or while handling food.
    • Parking is available in the neighboring lot owned by State Farm Insurance
    • Wear Upcountry Provisions t-shirt during service
    • Bar tenders and those checking IDs for the purposes of alcohol consumption must be over 21 years of age. Serving alcohol to anyone under the age of 21 is illegal and in the event of a SLED check, the bartender is fined personally an in some cases taken to jail.
    • Everyone must show an ID to receive their 21 year old wristband.
    • Any trade secrets, processes, recipes, and business practices are confidential and are not to be shared.
    • Check in with Volunteer coordinator upon arrival
    • Check in with Volunteer coordinator before leaving
    • Report any incidences with customers, food or otherwise to event director immediately
    • Personal items can be stored behind the welcome table, beside the bar, or on the employee shelf in the back of the restaurant.
    • Eating cannot occur while actively on duty at a food station
    • Hands must be washed after using the restroom
    • Health codes and good sanitation practices must be followed including wearing gloves while handling food.
    • If your availability changes please notify the event director of volunteer coordinator as soon as possible
    • A complimentary brand t-shirt will be provided to all volunteers. Please ask if they are not at the welcome table.

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